Support for Teaching Staff During Covid-19

Support for Teaching Staff During Covid-19

Campaign by Kep Gardens Association - Kep, Cambodia
$324 (4 donors)
Goal is $9,000
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About this Campaign

Since January 2020, schools have been closed by the Cambodian Government for 11 months of the last 18 months due to Covid 19. In normal times, donations to Kep Gardens help pay our enthusiastic, committed staff; 4 of which are full-time and 4 part-time as well as contribute to the general upkeep of the buildings and grounds. We cannot thank our regular donors enough but all organizations are suffering greatly from huge reductions in donations. We need to help our staff and their families get through this Covid time and keep our school environment in good repair waiting for the students' return. We would welcome your support.

Use of Funds

All of the funds collected will be used to enable Kep Gardens to support staff by paying their salary and to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance during the Government closures due to Covid.
$9,000 means wages for 6 months (a semester of school)

Thank you very much for your support.

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