We are supporting Female Adolescents with Menstrual Pads for School.

We are supporting Female Adolescents with Menstrual Pads for School.

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About this campaign

The overall goal of this project is to procure a low cost and accessible sanitary ware for school going girls hence; minimize the number of days girls missed going to school, create socio-economic acceptance of the innovated product, procure and distribute sanitary pads for adolescents and document all steps in the whole process as learning and monitoring tool. The project period will extend for 12 months, starting February 2021 and ending in January, 2022. Thus we propose to procure sanitary towels using a low-cost manufacturers and later aiming to produce our own aimed at improving hygiene and eco-friendly usage by underprivileged women and adolescent girls in poor neighborhoods and slums. Our idea is unique in terms of our low-cost mini sanitary pads
The project will have an impact on health status of girls through improvement in the health status and personal hygiene of the girls as a result of using these pads. The proposed budget is US$ 30,334.58 to cover entire 12 months of the project to support procurement, distribution and administrative issues.

Use of Funds

The Funds will be specifically for Procurement of Sanitary Pads enough to aid the Education of over 10,000 school girls that have and are facing challenges keeping in school because of the wide scale impact of COVID-19 on the income of their families. This will be inclusive of the distribution and Administrative costs