Mobile Veterinary Clinic for rural Vietnam

Mobile Veterinary Clinic for rural Vietnam

Campaign by Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue - Hoi An, Vietnam
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About Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

VAAR is a vegan rescue shelter and farm sanctuary in central Vietnam focusing on long term solutions to end animal suffering.

About this Campaign

The only method of population control for cats and dogs in Vietnam currently is the dog and cat meat trade. This, on top of the rampant infectious diseases and high rates of fatality from traffic accidents, keeps the number of strays low in Vietnam. This is not effective or humane and we must do better for the animals.

To restart our mobile sterilization clinic, we need to buy a Ford Transit van, hire 2 international vet staff and 2 Vietnamese veterinary interns. We need to also buy all the supplies necessary to remain fully mobile most of the year which includes surgical supplies as well as non medical costs such as legal fees, administration, and organizational costs to ensure seamless scheduling for our clinical trips.

While there are very few feral and stray animals, many of the owned animals are not easily touched and must be trapped. We need to buy more cat traps and dog catching supplies for this on top of getting some new kennels for the animals we take to the vets. We would like at least 8 new cat kennels, 5 traps (imported from the US), 5 new dog kennels of various sizes, trapping nets, and sedation dart guns.

Our international qualified veterinarians will be on the road at least 8 months total out of the year doing sterilization/vaccination and treatment of dogs they meet in areas which lack any access to veterinary care and safe and effective population control. We will ensure that each animal receives their vaccines, is dewormed, gets flea/tick treatment, and receives whatever medical care necessary along with sterilization prior to returning the animals to its home.

The sad reality is that the only way to make any difference to the animals here in Vietnam will be population reduction, NOT rescue alone, something we know from managing a rescue since 2013 with and endless list of cases we could never have the capacity to care for. We cannot manage the massive case list that overwhelms all of the rescues in the region. Getting good homes to so many animals is incredibly difficult as so few safe, lifelong homes even exist in Vietnam. We must END the population of animals that require rescuing in the first place!

Prevention is ALWAYS the best solution and in this case cheaper and with a much higher impact than any rescue shelter.

Thank you so much for helping us save lives in Vietnam!

Use of Funds

Veterinary supplies for sterilization/vaccination and general veterinary purposes
year round, full time veterinary staff (2 international and 2 Vietnamese interns)
16 seat passenger van, Ford Transit
rental of small facility for a base clinic for storage, some local vet work, and office space