COVID-19 Prevention Assistance For Vulnerable Migrants

COVID-19 Prevention Assistance For Vulnerable Migrants

Campaign by Refugees Welfare Association Cameroon - Yaounde, Cameroon
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About Refugees Welfare Association Cameroon

We envision a community where the voices of vulnerable migrants are articulated, and their lives are productive, fulfilling and valued.

About this Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a major challenge especially for IDPs. They suffer from 'double jeopardy', first from their abrupt displacement and secondly from the negative effects of the pandemic on their already precarious living. It is our intention to mitigate the hardship arising from the pandemic by the provision of some prevention kits. The goal is to save lives, and to uphold their dignity.

Use of Funds

We shall use the money to buy hand sanitizers, soaps, face masks and buckets for distribution to 100 families of selected vulnerable migrants mostly widows, and elderly persons as well as persons living with disabilities.

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