Support Junior with wheelchair and school fees

Support Junior with wheelchair and school fees

Campaign by Disability Sign World - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

ANKUNDA JUNIOR is 14 years from Kacuro village, Kyanamira sub-county Kabale District Uganda.

He was born normal like anyother child, afew days after birth fell sick and was put on Oxgyen for one month until he got some improvement.

They were discharged from the hospital and went home to continue with recommended medication from the hospital.

Being the first born, his sickness cost them a lot of money and they sold almost what they had to bring his life back to normal which was not possible.

Through his growth and development, they realized he couldn’t talk, walk, stand, hold things but can hear properly.

He moves on his knees.
He is never dressed in trousers because he can’t undress himself while going for toilet.
He only puts on t-shirts.

His Mother Kesande Sheilla says Junior feeds on only soft food like rice, fish, greens, bread and soft drinks which is quite expensive for them.

Junior is followed by other 3 children but his Father Mr. Zagaruka Apollo calls upon all well wishers to support his family because his son’s sickness cost them a lot and they find difficulties in taking care of the rest of the children as Junior needs much attention.

If they can get support of wheelchair and school fees, he is able to attend school because he can hear and talk a little.

Through our Outreach, we managed to provide him with soap to improve on his hygiene, Rice, Branket among others.

He needs more support to live a better life.

Use of Funds

As Disability Sign World team, we shall buy a wheelchair chair for Junior and take to his at his home.
We shall look for the school which favors him and pay there school fees and buy other scholastic materials needed to see him acquire quality education as a long time desire for their family.

All this will be done with his parents and properly accounted for and recorded by DSW Team that will be responsible for this.

We shall as well give feedback to Giving way and our beloved donors on the progress of Junior and what we managed to used money for,