Give hope to the kids of Tuni's School, help us keep them on school

Give hope to the kids of Tuni's School, help us keep them on school

Campaign by The Fuller Center For Housing Bolivia - La Paz, Bolivia
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About this Campaign

The kids of Tuni need our help to keep studying and stop school abandonment. 80% of the students can't afford to buy all the books and supplies they need for the whole school year. It means they can't keep up with their studies, they lose motivation and abandon school.

Almost half of the kids in Bolivia don't attend school exclusively, meaning they either work or help their parents; if you add that they can't buy enough supplies for school, you can understand that just half of the students stay schooling after they turn 12 years old.

Sometimes the teachers buy books for their students, but ''it's impossible to help them all.'' as the director of Tuni's school says. We can't blame the parents' either because they work all day long, but don't make enough to buy a new book, sometimes not even pencils.

Keep in mind that our basic salary is around 309$, and let me tell you, it's NOT enough for the average family of 5 in our country. So both parents work all day.

Before the pandemic, it had already been hard, especially for those students who lost at least one of their parents; their school was their source of hope. During the COVID crisis, the school lost the director, a woman who worked hard to help grow the school.

Now, all the teachers are even more committed to the school and want to have their first graduate promotion for 2023. You can help them too!

The infrastructure needs a lot of maintenance and work; right now, the roof is in bad shape, the bathrooms don't work, they have broken windows, and access to clean water for a few hours in the morning.

We want to help them have access to clean water all the time, fix the bathrooms, fix the windows, ensure they have school supplies for at least one year and give them a sense of hope.

Tuni has a loving community that wants its children to have a better future. Would you give them a hand?

We work to reduce poverty in our country, the community of Tuni is right next to our social housing program in El Alto, we believe decent housing is a human right, but a fear access to education is so important as well. Don't you think?

On the Three Kings Day we will deliver all the donations and make sure this 2022 has a good start for the kids of Tuni's school.

Use of Funds

We ask for your generosity to do urgent maintenance to the school, buy school supplies, and a gift for the kids; a Christmas present including food for the family.

985$ School Infrastructure
350$ School supplies
523$ Gifts for the kids (food and Christmas gift)
1858$ TOTAL

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