Help Us Improve Food Availability And Green Nature Restoration In Our Community

Help Us Improve Food Availability And Green Nature Restoration In Our Community

Campaign by Mtuli Foundation - Karonga, Malawi
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About this Campaign

Karonga Northwest is year in and out gravely affected by climate change through floods and severe droughts. These continue to affect food production.

Realizing that climate change is mostly contributed by human actions, and mostly those involving agricultural activities, Mtuli Foundation while endeavoring for COP26 actions in communities, would like to facilitate the practice of Food Forests within people’s homes and close to water bodies. Food Forests help to regenerate the soil, ensure availability of food especially fruits, make crop diversification practicable and restore nature.

Our project is called “Food and Climate With Food Forest” and is aimed at improving food availability and green nature restoration. Within their homes, households will plant apple and pear fruit trees, cassava, tomatoes, beans, pumpkins,strawberries, onion, and garlic in one garden. Near the water bodies (where farming is allowed), we will encourage farmers to plant bananas, orange trees, cassava, beans and sweet potatoes in one garden. To teach community members about food forests, we will use our demonstration gardens; one located at a school premise and the other one located near a water body. The type of crops to be involved will be to the farmers discretion so far as they will make layers that are critical in Food Forests gardens.

Activities will start with land preparations in November 2021, soil preparations which involve organic manure in December 2021, planting in December 2021, and monitoring plus other minor activities on maintenance throughout 2022. The gardens are expected to benefit people for over 5 years.

The project outcomes include, restored green nature, food secured homes, improved economic status due to businesses involving fruits, reduced cases of malnutrition especially in under 5 children, practical food diversification, healthy soil, ability to have food even during harsh situations like droughts, and knowledgeable people about organic farming which is affordable by all.

This project is among the many farming innovations that we develop to ensure that farming is smart and sustainable. Other farming innovations include drip irrigation, and other small irrigation systems that Mtuli Foundation develops with GreenLight Solutions. Being irrigation systems, they may not be implemented in the next 6 months as Malawi will be receiving rains.

Therefore, help us to establish demonstration gardens which are expected to benefit directly 5,417 farmers and 82 villages. Be the first to Help us raise $2,890 from now up to December 2021 by donating as any amount as you can, and sharing with anyone within your network. Thanks for your precious donation and sharing.

Use of Funds

The money raised will be used to source seeds for demonstration gardens, and supporting farmers with those seeds that may not be available in some areas, amounting to $890. Part of the finances will be used to organize and conduct food forests trainings and workshops, amounting to $750. Land preparations, compost and farming activities for demonstration farming, and monitoring in the villages will need $1,250. The project will involve knowledgeable and committed Mtuli Foundation volunteers, community members and local structures so that the practice is embraced by everyone and becomes sustainable. With your $1, you plant something in the food forest gardens and inspire 5,417 people to farm healthily. Your help is so powerful

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