Emergency Response to Providing Access to Family Planning and COVID 19 Prevention Services in Kenya

Emergency Response to Providing Access to Family Planning and COVID 19 Prevention Services in Kenya

Campaign by Communities Health Africa Trust - Nanyuki, Kenya
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About Communities Health Africa Trust

Communities Health Africa Trust (CHAT) is a Kenyan based organization that provides family planning services as a way of ensuring long-term community well-being and environmental sustainability.

About this Campaign

A lack of access to family planning services contributes to an enormous amount of poverty, suffering, and environmental degradation. CHAT works to strengthen communities and reduce suffering of individuals through enabling access and information to family planning with a holistic health and environmental approach. At the center of CHAT’s approach is the concept of well-being – that people and nature need to be in balance for both to prosper. CHAT utilizes a Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) approach to improve well-being through the connection of people and their environment.

The communities CHAT works with in Kenya have recently also been impacted by locust invasions and the COVID19 pandemic. These challenges are overwhelming communities and their surrounding ecosystems.

CHAT focuses at the nexus of where ecosystems are fragile, and communities are the most underserved. CHAT needs your help urgently to support the following interventions:
1) Increase distribution, access, and use of COVID 19 prevention kits and family planning services.
2) Enable positive behavior change through communication and engagement efforts for increased COVID19 prevention, family planning uptake, and environmental sustainability.

CHAT is working alongside Community Own Resource Persons (CORPs) to ensure reaching vulnerable communities in ways that are adapted to local cultures, realities, and COVID19 protocols. We urgently need your help to support the work of 50 “front line” CORPs who are going door-to-door delivering services and providing information to vulnerable and often remote communities. The CORPs work includes integrating family planning services, COVID19 screening and prevention services, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, as well as TB contact tracing activities. The CORPs also engage with people about broader ecological and social issues that impact the community’s overall well-being.

Use of Funds

"Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology now available to the human race."
-James Grant, Executive Director, UNICEF
CHAT works closely with the Kenyan Ministry of Health. However, the Government of Kenya is currently not in a position to fully support or absorb the cost of these programs. For this reason CHAT is strongly dependent on private donor contributions

$10 - will help the implementation team to monitor and supervise the project

$ 20 - will help the implementation team to monitor and supervise the project

$ 25 – will help 5 destitute women to access long term family planning methods of their choice - mitigating enormous suffering and hunger.

$50 – will help sponsor a community’s own resource person (CORP) providing back packing door to door family planning, HIV/AIDS, TB contact tracing & COVID 19 prevention services

$100 will help 300 individuals in 5 communities to access family planning and COVID 19 prevention materials & services

$1000 will help us deliver essential family planning & COVID 19 preventative items to hard to reach communities

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