Care and Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria

Campaign by  Society for Development & Community Empowerment (SDCE), Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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About this campaign

Project will empower 50 caregivers & provide adequate care for 1000 orphans and vulnerable children, by increasing the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality, gender-sensitive care and support (e.g. clothing, food, water, hygiene, shelter, bedding, emotional support, education ,health care ,a safe environment ,recreation) and life skills for 1,000 orphans in Port Harcourt ,Rivers State, Nigeria.
Meeting the basic needs of children is not only vital for ensuring their current well-being, but is also critical to their future. Basic or "core" needs include food/nutrition, shelter and care, protection, health care, psychosocial support, and education. Illness in the family or the loss of a parent or parents is extremely disruptive to children, and places them at a distinct disadvantage in obtaining the support necessary for their welfare and even at risk to life. Financial and material resources are often required to meet most of these needs, Responses to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) have relied upon the extended family networks. Now with increasing numbers of orphans, the traditional social safety net is now unraveling, and the capacity and resources of family members – many of whom are already impoverished themselves, have been over-extended. Minimal social support systems outside the family exist in Nigeria. Even where basic social services are provided, they tend to be largely inadequate. Those children who slip through the traditional safety net often end up in the cities as street children, working children, or living in child-headed households.
Rural Nigerian communities are laden with under-resourced schools that limit the potential of children, making them unable to attain comprehensive education or succeed in the competitive world beyond. These children lack the knowledge, skills and resources available to their counterparts and as a consequence, develop poor self-esteem and a high level of inadequacy which exposes them to further disadvantage and vulnerability.
Mitigating factors in target communities include poverty, inadequate psychosocial support, nutrition and health care, this remains a big challenge. SDCE community dialogue feedback indicates that target orphans need to be empowered with holistic service package focusing on their multifaceted needs at the community level. These children face severe physical, psychosocial, and legal challenges, rendering them disadvantaged and undereducated, and in turn more vulnerable.

Psychosocial support, Education ,Nutrition and Health Services provided for 1,000 orphans in 12 months and improvement on the level of care & support.
50 care givers trained to provide Psychosocial support, Education, Nutrition and Health Services for 1,000 . orphans.
50 care givers/young mothers and 1,000 orphans empowered in 12 months with computer/Vocational/ICTs & e-learning courseware and content; with business, e-learning, educational, and children's media and associations.
1,000 disadvantaged community children have access to digital/internet and hardcopy library to support their learning in education, in health and life skills .
e-Learning courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, English Language, Health, Life and Computer Skills provided for 500 kids and 25 young mothers.
1,000 OVC receiving food and nutritional supplement and health care services through program.
At least 100 children have learning disabilities, behaviour, emotional and social difficulties, those visually impaired have improved conditions and receive support, treatment and care
Adequate nutrition provided through the provision of fortified cassava flakes and improved income for care givers to take of orphans under their care.
Nutritional supplement and multivitamins provided improve growth, strengthen the immune system, and improve overall health of target children. Children have learning disabilities, emotional and social difficulties have improved conditions.

Use of Funds

Funds will be used to create income generation activities for 50 care givers ;and improve on the level of care and support for 1,000 Orphans by providing quality, gender-sensitive care and support (e.g. clothing, food, water, hygiene, shelter, bedding, emotional support, education ,health care ,a safe environment and recreation. A Learning Centre , a Reorientation & Resource Development Centre (RRDC) with a 10 million page granary digital library will be established for 1000 disadvantaged children to provide education, ICT/Vocational Training, skill building and to improve the level of their health, social and educational empowerment.We are looking to raise 150,000 USD for this program.

Funds be used for the following among others:
Training 50 Care Givers for 5 Days to provide Psychosocial support, Education, Nutrition, & Health Services for 1000 ORPHANS will cost 2,500 @ 500 USD per day-2500 USD
Cost of providing e-Learning courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, English Language, Health, Life and Computer Skills for 1000 children @ 1.5 USD per child -15,000 USD
Cost of providing subsidized nutrition supplement and health services per child @ 1 USD per child-10,000 USD
Cost of providing Psychosocial support and Education for 1000 orphans in 12 months @ 600 USD per month -7,200 USD.
150 USD will provide essential package of Psychosocial support, Education, Nutrition, & Health Services intervention for 1 Orphan in one year.
e Granary Digital Library in a server for the Resource Centre- 1,200 USD.
e Granary hard drives - 900 USD
Cost of internet connectivity for 12 months at 100 USD per month- 1,200 USD
Renovation of the walls, ceilings, floor of the building for the Resource Centre--700 USD
Power cost @ 70 USD /Month for 12 months- 840 USD
7 Tables for Computers @ 100 USD/one-700 USD
20 Chairs @ 15 USD/one-300 USD
5 Ox Fans @ 100 USD per one-500 USD
Cassava processing machine for care givers to produce cassava (garri) flakes and to raise income will be bought. Cost of 2 CASSAVA GRINDING MACHINE and 2 CASSAVA COMPRESSING MACHINE WITH MICRO STARTER PACK at 7,500 USD per unit =-15,000 USD This will produce fortified cassava flakes for the children and the rest sold to provide nutrition.
United Nations Office in Geneva(UNOG) has donated 10 laptops,10 desktops computers and 3 printers towards the establishment of the RRDC resource centre.E-learning for kids (SDCE Partner)has provided educational software in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, English Language, Health, Life and Computer Skills for children aged 5 to 13..