Equipping our new Skills Centre

Equipping our new Skills Centre

Campaign by Nest of Joy Foundation - Kampala, Uganda
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Goal is $4,700
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About Nest of Joy Foundation

Nest of Joy is a Non-profit Organization that is established on the foundation of helping vulnerable people with a specific focus on children and young adults.

About this Campaign

Nest of Joy has completed building it's Skills Academy where free skills like tailoring hair styling, modern farming practices, craft making among others will be provided to disadvantaged children and young adults.

Of particular interest are school dropouts that for reasons ranging from poverty to abuse have been forced out of school and driven to the margins of society. With no skills, they are more likely to live a very miserable life, more likely get pregnant at a very young age, contract HIV/AIDS, engage in prostitution, drug abuse and crime.

We wan to create the Skills Centre program to help those who dropped out of school and help them reintegrate into the formal education system. We'll do this by teaching the skills of tailoring, hairdressing, sustainable farming and craft making.

Your help is sought in equipping the centre so we can start providing much needed life skills. We do appreciate every contribution.

Use of Funds

We have opted to begin with these activities: tailoring (clothing/car seat making) hairdressing, sustainable commercial farming and craft making. For that we will need:

10 triple decker beds ($84) = ($840)
10 tailoring /sewing machines ($125) = ($1,250)
2 wall hair dryers ($140) = ($280)
3 hand hair dryers ($22) = ($66)
10 dummy heads ($28) = ($280)
2 saloon chairs ($70) = ($140)
2 large mirrors at ($42) = ($84)
Classroom furniture (Tables, Desks, Black boards etc) = ($1750)

Material Requirements (We also accept non cash contributions i.e you can send us your used Sewing machine etc to Nest Of Joy P.o. Box 37046 Kampala Uganda).

Thanks :)

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