Handling Unique Menstrual Health & Management Challenges for Girls amidst COVID-19

Handling Unique Menstrual Health & Management Challenges for Girls amidst COVID-19

Campaign by  Give Hope Uganda, Kampala, Uganda
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About this campaign

Give Hope Uganda being a dynamic youth led organization thought of innovative ways on how to engage young people, CSOs, policy makers among others during the lock down.

According to Plan International, in Uganda 28% of girls miss school because they are menstruating. They meet challenges in access and affordability of menstrual products for example pads and end up improvising with materials that are not hygienic such as cow dung, old used clothes among others, lack of proper sanitation infrastructure both in schools and at homes and those that have them are in a really poor condition with no doors or the women and girls have to share the facilities with men and boys and insufficient knowledge of menstrual hygiene management. This is indeed a worrying situation that calls for joint efforts by all implementing partners.

To address some of the challenges surrounding Menstrual Hygiene Management Give Hope Uganda wishes to make reusable sanitary pads and training of young people at the youth hub on how to make them among others with aim to ; develop indicators that can be used to manage Menstrual Hygiene progress around the work being done, formulate local plan on Menstrual Hygiene Management, increase on the sensitization around demystifying the myths and taboos surrounding Menstrual Hygiene Management as well as having a joint effort of all Menstrual Hygiene Management advocates giving vulnerable women and girls access to free products in an attempt to create menstrual equity.

Use of Funds

100% of your donation will go towards the following:
• Purchase of training machines, including paddle and electric sewing machine
• Purchase of materials for sewing towels
• Stipend for training instructors