Eradication of Female Genital Cutting (FGC/FGM) in Arusha Village

Eradication of Female Genital Cutting (FGC/FGM) in Arusha Village

Campaign by Villages Health support Org - Arusha, Tanzania
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About this Campaign

Do you Know FGM is mostly practiced to Maasai Community,FGM Project provides Education to Clan leaders,Female relatives in Swahili called “Ngaribas” (Old Women who perform Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)), Village Chairman, Village Executive Officers,Primary School students and Secondary students. This is done together with Specialized Doctors and Nurses due to medical issues that go with it.
VHSO partner with Denmark Org called "The why" who provides with Documentary film about the effects and Consequences of Female Genital Mutilation that bring great impact and being easy to win Villagers attention as It is a strange or new thing to them.


In Tanzania, FGM is illegal. It was first criminalized in 1998 in the Sexual Offences Special Provisions Act (SOSPA) which amended the Penal Code. It is estimated that 7.9 million women and girls in the country have undergone FGM (UNICEF, 2013). According to the Tanzania Demographic Health Survey (DHS, 2010), the estimated prevalence of FGM in girls and women (15-49 years) is 14.6% .The overall rate has not changed from the 2004-05 DHS which recorded the same rate, but has decreased by 3.3% from 17.9% in 1996 (DHS, 1996).

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the cutting or removal of external female genitalia. FGM is performed in unhygienic conditions with razor blades, knives or broken glass

Type of Female Genital Mutilation Practiced at Likamba Village

Likamba is the Village sited at Arusha Region in Arumeru District at Musa Ward.This Village has Total number of 22,730 Villagers.Female 19,964 and 2,766 Male.Likamba is mainly contain Maasai tribe People.

Likamba Villagers Practise either of these two types of FGM First is Excision of the clitoris with or without excision of part or the entire clitoris or Excision of the clitoris with partial or total excision of the labia minora

At Likamba Village FGM is practiced to under 5 children for the aim of treating U.T.I (Urinary tract Infection) disease and Girls with the age of 7 to 10 years on their transition to Adulthood there after they will be allowed to be in relationships and Marriage and more worse they practice FGM to Infancy baby that they can be safe from Government punishment.

FGM at Likamba Village is done by “Ngaribas” by using knife or razor blade, The procedure takes fifteen or twenty minutes depending on the sharpness of the knife or razor blade. The old women justified that FGM is a rite of passage for girls into womanhood, grooming and training of cultural values

=> Provide education to Clan leaders, Ngaribas on the effect of FGM and Human right by using FGM Video and other methods of teaching.
(20 People.)
=>Provide FGM Education to Primary School student by using FGM Video and other method of teaching to 10 Schools (100,000 student)
=>Cervical Cancer testing to Secondary School girls (20,000 girls)
=>Pregnancy testing to Secondary school girls (20,000 girls)
=>To provide education to School girls on Reproductive Health especially on menstrual issues and Hygiene (60,000 girls)
=>Supplying of Re usable sanitary pads to (500 girls)
=>Reduce the number of Children undergo FGM
=>Reduce number of Women died due to FGM
=>Reduce HIV/AIDS transmission through FGM
=>Increase awareness to school girls on their rights
=>Provision of Medical treatment to girls who have Cervical Cancer early
=>Provision of Reusable sanitary pads to girls who use rags or Tissue
=>Get clear statistics on the number of girls undergo FGM
For the Project to succeed we will have two groups;
First group will contain Clan leaders, Ngaribas, Village Executive Officer and the Second group will be Secondary schools or Primary school student
We have start VHSO Club in each school visited and select leaders that will help us get information about any type of harassment to girls and the Information will be taken to Village leaders thereafter to other respective areas

Use of Funds

For Different events within one month:-
1.Village leaders,Clan leaders,Local experts Allowance-$8(For 2 days) X 20 People =$180
2.Medical Doctors and Staff Perdiem $20X3People (For 5 Days) = $300
3.Transport Expenses for 5 Days ( $22X5) = $110
4.Food Allowance for 5 Staff ($2x5)x 5days = $50
5.Stationary-Realm paper,Notebook,pen,Fliers = $43
6.Medical Equipment tools for Cervical Cancer and FGM cases Checkup. $65x2 School= $130
7.Re usable Sanitary Pads $4 x 500 girls for 2 schools = $2000

We aim to conduct this kind of Events for the period of One Year and the Total Cost will be $22000.