Smallholder Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP) Cheptais, Kenya

Smallholder Irrigation and Value Addition Project (SIVAP) Cheptais, Kenya

Campaign by CDS Kenya - Cheptais, Kenya
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About this Campaign

The SIVAP project we have undertaken is a “Water Irrigation Line Project'' that will support 100 small households in Cheptais, Kenya. The water irrigation line is a procedure in which water is transferred from its main source to areas where it can be used to water plants such as farms. The structural idea behind the project is to provide a 10-kilometer line counting with water pipes to be used and fit, as well as 6” water pipe both PPR, Galvanized, normal pipes, and trenches in this very same water line. Water registration from water users, water boards, and water gravity flow will be kept on track to assure the success and sustainability of the project.

Main Objectives:
To increase the agricultural productivity of Cheptais and achieve economic empowerment of the selected householders.

Specific Objectives:
To construct a water irrigation line that will serve 100 small-scale farmers in Cheptais. To reduce the price exploitation by lowering the dependencies on the rainfall.

Use of Funds

With the construction of our 10 km, water irrigation line to supply farms and households later on, during the implementing phase of our project will create effective following Outputs according to degrees of importance:
 Significantly reduces food shortage and increase farm crop production to the Cheptais citizens
with intentions of expanding to the constituency, county, and country.
 Increase youth employment and economic growth
 Serve water to 100 households in Cheptais for household activities.
 Reduce population suffering from getting water from a remote main water source ( women and child mainly)
 Reduce farms price exploitation

The whole project consists of five stages. Part of the work will be carried out at the same time.

The total expenditure for this project is USD 146,100 (KES 14,610,000). The expenditure for the first year is USD 76,700 (KES 7,670,000). The cost for work, project construction, and others spend 52.02%, 33.90%, and 14.08% of the first year’s total expenditure respectively. And the expenditures in the second year and the third year are both USD 34,700 (KES 3,470,000). Moreover, this project will have USD 8,000 (KES 800,000) as revenue for the first year. Within more members, the revenue of the second year and the third year is expected to be USD 13,000 (KES 1,300,000) and USD 18,000 (KES 1,800,000) respectively, which means the total revenue for the first three years will be USD 39,000 (KES 3,900,000).

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