Hen coops for women groups

Campaign by  Humana People to People Belize (HPPBZ), Bella Vista, Belize
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About this campaign

HPPBZ helps women groups build and collectively manage hen coops that enhance their protein intake while creating revenue through the sales of eggs and cooked meals. Each coop benefits directly 8 group members and their relatives (32+ people).

Coop beneficiaries live in rural villages in Southern Belize and come from vulnerable and marginalized traditionally populations. As part of the project, HPPBZ assists the groups in the management of coops and provides complimentary lessons centered on nutrition and health.

* Humana People to People Belize (HPPBZ) is a non-governmental organization, established in 2007. Its mission is to empower and mobilize individuals, families, and communities to reduce poverty and vulnerability, through local actions and capacity building.

Use of Funds

The set-up and operation costs for 6 months of one coop costs $800USD. Purchases will include construction materials, chicks, animal feed, among others.