Empowering communities through street education and craft

Empowering communities through street education and craft

Campaign by Creates a future welfare association - Mirpurkhas, Pakistan
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About Creates a future welfare association

We are making sustainable community by providing education, health and opportunities.

About this Campaign

Our aim was to convince the parents to let their children study, especially their daughters. We, as a social enterprise, believe in the concept of “You educate a woman; you educate a generation”. By this we aim at ending conventional customs of patriarchal society which limits women to households only.
We want to transform the lives of female children belonging to underprivileged communities, by creating equal opportunities for them and reducing existing inequalities so that they may lead their families.

Meanwhile, we also got registered as an organization named ‘Creates a Future Welfare Association’ under the voluntary social welfare agency (Registration & Control) Ordinance 1961. With our team’s utmost dedication, sheer determination & endless efforts, on 17thApril, 2019, we shifted to a school hut at street community Mirpurkhas. After getting a school hut and a proper set up, the enrolment went up to whopping 50 children. With such progress and a bigger setup than before, the financial issues got even more complicated including the monthly expenditure of the stationery for students, maintenance and many other things.

As the number of students increased, we managed to open another school in Mirpurkhas on 1st January 2020. We named that “Hut of Peaceful Education” (HOPE). So, now we have two street schools in Mirpurkhas, in which more than 150 kids are getting digitalized and activity-based learning. We are promoting girls’ education in underprivileged areas. As a result, we have currently a total of 90 in both our schools. They are all attending school for the first time in their lives. Majority among them are young street girls which are attending school in the age bracket of 13 and 16.As majority of the girls are from underprivileged community where they are prohibited from getting education, this is first time in the history of that community that street girls are getting this opportunity.
Moreover, to support girls’ education, we initiated craft classes for their education on 21st December 2019. The aim was to support them educationally and financially. We taught them how to make crafts by using certain materials. We also taught them about recycling of materials. So far 12 classes of craft have been done and our super kids have made some of the beautiful crafts like: flowers, jewelry boxes, sparrows, and cups by using match sticks, decoration pieces and other nice stuff. In future we will continue this craft and also provide vocational training like sewing to these girls. We believe that these acts will change the destiny of the community.

We as social enterprise not only work on education but on learning outside the class as well. In "Creates a Future", we have been celebrating different religious, national and international festivals from Eid to Earth day and Holi to Human Rights Day. These activities were not only participated by students but their community also took active participation in these activities.
This not only improves the social perspective of students to see at different global events but also helped us promote religious and interfaith harmony between the communities.

Use of Funds

For street Education and craft.

We faced financial complications but as they say, “when there is a will, there is way”. We were able to tackle our financial restraints by the help of our family, friends and well-wishers. Our next aim was to build a school hut to have a proper set up of school, where kids can have a covered & safe environment and have opportunities on par with those who study in good schools.

Nowadays, due to corona virus pandemic, when whole world is under lock down, we are providing door to door education to our kids by providing them worksheets and home-work, and in that situation some of our street children are also teaching some basic to their junior fellows. The young street girls are playing a very crucial role where they are teaching girls during lock-down time. These kids are passionate for their study.

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