Project SELF (Support for Education and Learning Forward)

Project SELF (Support for Education and Learning Forward)

Campaign by Forum for Nation Building Nepal - Kathmandu, Nepal
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About this Campaign

Armed conflict, forced displacement and disasters have disrupted the overall development of the Nepalese education system. The education scenario has gotten worse in the current unprecedented pandemic where students are out of school for the past four months due to country-wide school closures. The dropout rates across the country are likely to rise as a result of the massive disruption to education access along with the loss of jobs of the guardians belonging from the necessitous and low economic quintile.

Students with disabilities as well as those from poor, remote or from disadvantages ethnicities are disproportionately affected by the access to education gap due to the lack of access to the educational resources. Poor health indicators profoundly limit children’s ability to attend school regularly and it is feared that the shocks to education from the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to increased dropout rates, learning loss and heighten the inequality with the most vulnerable students disproportionately bearing the impact of the shock.

Use of Funds

• Provide support of stationery, meal and uniform to the students;
• Encouraging the local governments on their roles for advancement and localisation of pedagogical practices, especially in the curriculum development and policy framing;
• To support students of government schools to equip with basic classroom learning kits as to create a sound learning environment for the students.