One student one Tree

One student one Tree

Campaign by Loliondo Actions for Green Earth - Loliondo, Tanzania
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Goal is $15,000
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About Loliondo Actions for Green Earth

Its an organization that work in Ngorongoro district which is also near to Serengeti national park where it deals with trees planting and provision of sustainable environmental conservation education to the students and to the Masai community.

About this Campaign

One Student One Tree campaign is a tree planting project that aims to plant 50,000 trees in Ngorongoro district here in Tanzania especially by students where by the end of 2022 every student has to plant atlest One Tree in schools and hospitals and areas around water sources,this campaign also aims at imparting conservation spirit and education to this young generation which is our tomorrow leaders, preparing them to take part in conservation while they are young will cultivate conservation spirit that will be useful to this climate change fight we are fighting.

Use of Funds

The fund will be used to run this campaign buying seeds, seedlings , transporting seedlings from nurseries to planting sites,the funds will be also used to prepare bronchures that carry conservation themes and paying for radio sessions that will be hosted under this campaign educating the community with conservation education.

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