Share a Meal with 1,800 School Children in 5 Primary Schools

Share a Meal with 1,800 School Children in 5 Primary Schools

Campaign by Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS - Moshi, Tanzania
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Goal is $10,000
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About this Campaign

YAAPHA is active with social projects within the local community across four key areas of action: Education, Health, Sustainability and Administration.
The objective of this ACTION is to collaborate with YAAPHA by financing part of their social projects in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Our School Lunch Program will provide the 1800 students in 5 primary schools in Kwakoa Ward with a nutritious meal every day from January to December.
The Primary Schools are Ruru ,Kwakihindi, Karambandea, Kauzeni and Kiverenge Primary Schools.

The rural Maasai schools at Kwakoa Ward where these 5 Primary Schools has nearly 1800 students, and most of them walk 5 miles to and from school each day, with nothing more than an evening meal of "ugali" - corn porridge. With no breakfast or school lunch, it's difficult to concentrate on their studies, and some decide to skip school entirely.
School Lunch program will benefit the children of 5 Primary Schools, helping to increase attendance and improve participation.

Amazingly enough $20 will feed the entire school for one day. Through the funds generated, we will be able to provide the students of 5 schools with nutritious lunches of "makande" -- corn and bean mash -- and porridge and ground nuts.

The School Lunch Project is an on going project that requires continual funding. For one year it will cost $10,000 to feed the entire 5 schools. This incentive will ultimately lead to better education and futures for the children.
If you feel you can share even as little as 20 dollars a month it will help us reach a goal of $10,000 so as to help these children have lunch in school and return them back to school, also restore hope for a better future.
Sharing can , and does , change lives .
Lets change theirs !

Use of Funds

$100 feed entire school for one day
$400 Covers one school meal for one month
$600 purchase 300kgs of maize for 1 month
$800 purchase rice, maize , cooking oil, transport for 2 months
$2,400 covers one school meals for six months
$5800 cover one school meal for one year

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