Rescue starving children and adult in Karamoja, in Uganda

Rescue starving children and adult in Karamoja, in Uganda

Campaign by World Action Fund - Kampala, Uganda
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4 in every 10 Karimojong have no food, only two in 10 have stocks enough to last a month, while three percent will be able to feed themselves for the next 90 days, according to the government.

The ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa has affected the Karamoja sub-region. High food prices have left many families unable to afford nutritious foods – forcing them to find other ways to cope. Some families have been forced to consume their seed stocks, leaving nothing for the planting season while others have had to borrow money or reduce expenditure on necessities such as education and health.

In a recent brief to Parliament of Uganda convened session about the worsening famine situation in Karamoja Sub-region, the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, said: “517,800 representing 41 per cent of the population have been at risk of food shortage between March and July. 80 percent will last a month. Only 3 per cent have stocks to last three months or more.

This has led to deaths every day, so far over 1000 people mostly children and old people have died and this number is increasing.

Families have resorted to feeding on wild vegetables and sometimes these cause diarrhea and eating poisonous wild vegetables.

Insecurity from the region from cattle rustlers has increased food insecurity, and has led to internal displacement. Government of Uganda has no food reserves, though attempts to provide food were planned this has started and will not be enough to serve to 1 week.

The most affected districts are Kotido where 1O7, 7OO are estimated to be starving, Napak (81,800), Kaabong (70,600), and Moroto (61,900).
Leaders in the region have described the situation as an emergency, and asked bureaucrats to waive procurement bureaucracies and get food to residents clinging on a string of life.

In the remote Iriri Sub-county in Napak District, News papers have recently and found 60-year-old Maritina Maruk lying motionless on a mat behind a grass-thatched house. she said she had spent two days without a meal.

Ms Maruk lives with two grandchildren. The mother of one passed on in May and the father reportedly abandoned the family

Use of Funds

-Purchase 5000kg of maize flour at $5,880
-Purchase 2000kg of beans at $2,352
-Purchase 1000 litres of vegetable cooking oil at 1,912
-Logistics/truck hire at $2,500
-Administration distribution cost $1,200