Support the education of Amazonian midwives!

Support the education of Amazonian midwives!

Campaign by Fundación Pachamama - Quito, Ecuador
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About this Campaign

The mission of the Ikiama Nukuri program is to build collective power among indigenous women and to amplify their voices in order to improve maternal, infant, and reproductive health of indigenous nations of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Ikiama Nukuri -- meaning women as guardians of the forest in the Achuar language -- is an intercultural health program that weaves together indigenous birthing traditions and western midwifery.

In order to address the significant maternal and infant health inequities facing the indigenous Amazon nations, Ikiama Nukuri hosts workshops to train indigenous women to work as community health workers (CHWs) in their own communities to conduct prenatal visits, attend births, provide postpartum care, and—when necessary—a connection to the public healthcare system. The full training package consists of 3 workshops, each covering increasingly advanced themes in maternal and infant care. The project currently has 88 CHWs working in the Achuar and Shuar territories of the Amazon rainforest.

Use of Funds

To complete an eight-day Maternal and Infant Health Workshop, Ikiama Nukuri needs $25,000 to cover the following expenses:

- Air, ground and river transportation for all community health workers (who live in remote areas)
- Food
- Lodging
- Professional Midwife Facilitators
- Indigenous Translator
- Program Materials
- CHW Backpack full of essential supplies to provide midwife care (rain jacket, stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pregnancy calculator wheel, fetoscope, digital watch, measuring tape, plastic folder, pen and notebook)
- Workshop Training Space

Here are some specific costs and suggested donation amounts for the workshop:

- $75: ground transportation for one CHW
- $400: roundtrip air transportation for one CHW
- $25: Spanish - Shuar/Achuar translation for a day
- $16: feed one CHW for a day
- $130: feed one CHW for the week
- $22: one night of lodging for one CHW
- $175: lodging for one CHW for the entire week
- $200: CHW backpack
- $250: training space for a day
- $2,000: training space for the week
- $1,500: cover the fees for one of two professional midwife facilitators
- $3,000: cover all fees for professional midwife facilitators

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