Help us give a Hot Meal each day to the Children

Help us give a Hot Meal each day to the Children

Campaign by Afflicted Children’s Development Organisation (ACDO) - Freetown, Sierra Leone
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About Afflicted Children’s Development Organisation (ACDO)

We are charitable organisation working to benefit vulnerable children.

About this Campaign

ACDO is dedicated to improving the lives of street children in the peninsular axis area (Goderich, Gbedembu, Portor and Levuma areas near Freetown) of Sierra Leone. ACDO strives to ensure a happy and successful life for street children by providing support through education, medical treatment, counseling, drug abuse treatment and placement with foster families.
ACDO operates a school for 200 preschool and primary school pupils including 70 former street children. ACDO plans to implement a school feeding program in order to provide a hot meal each day to every pupil in the school.
According to the Government of Sierra Leone Education Sector Plan 2018-2020 a school feeding program is intended not just to provide balanced and regular meals for school children but also as a means of encouraging enrollment and completion of school. It is expected to lead to reduced child hunger, improved attendance rates among students as well as better attentiveness and improved learning outcomes.
Since the vast majority of the pupils at the school come from poor homes ACDO sees the school feeding program as an important element in the organization's mission to improve the lives of the children under its care.
According to the 2015 CFSVA (Comprehensive Food Security & Vulnerability Analysis) it was found that 9.9 percent of boys and 10.0 percent of girls of school going age (6-18 years of age) did not go to school in Sierra Leone during 2014-15. Among the districts, Western Area Rural (the district in which ACDO operates) had the highest percentage of out-of-school children (21.5 percent boys and 20.4 percent girls). This is particularly troubling since the availability of primary schools in the Western Area Rural is amongst the highest in the nation at 91% compared to 65% nationally.
Most street children in the peninsular axis area do not attend school regularly due to circumstances within their communities, wherein the children as well as the parents eke out their daily survival through fishing and quarry mining. The children are required to work to allow the family to survive and hence the children are unable to attend school due to both prohibitive school fees and potential income lost.
It is hoped that by introducing the school feeding program (as well as the existing policy of waiving fees for those unable to pay) it will serve as an additional incentive for poor families to enroll their children in ACDO's school and thus to extend ACDO's reach.
ACDO needs your help to get this project started and thereby improve the lives of the 200 children at the school as well as providing an incentive to the families with street children to enroll them in the school and get them off the street.

Use of Funds

The funds will be used for the purchase of ingredients for the meals and fuel for cooking. All labor will be done by volunteers with existing and donated equipment. To provide a meal each day (22 days per month) for 200 pupils the following is required per month:
17 sacks of rice, half a sack of salt, 33 gallons of oil, 1 sack of groundnuts, 1 sack of onions, 1 sack of peppers, 9 bundles of wood and 1 packet of paper.
To provide the above for 9 months comes to a cost of 10,000 USD (6,580 for rice, 2380 for oil, 360 for groundnuts, 310 for peppers, 220 for onions, 80 for wood and 70 for salt).
Please donate now so that we can get this important project started.

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