Feeding a village

Feeding a village

Campaña por CHOICE Humanitarian Perú - Piura, Perú
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Acerca de CHOICE Humanitarian Perú

We are a charity that fights extreme poverty in rural areas of northern Peru. Somos una organización benéfica que combate la pobreza extrema en zonas rurales del norte del Perú.

Sobre esta campaña

Loma Negra is the name of the village located in the La Arena district, in the Piura region, in northern Peru, and has 1250 inhabitants divided into 240 families. The members of this village are extremely poor and their houses are in the Piura desert in Peru. Many women go to plant rice but this does not feed their young children and this problem has increased the level of malnutrition and anemia in children. Making a community organic garden will help the sun not kill the vegetables and they will be able to eat foods with nutrients that will improve their nutrition, children will have the opportunity to grow up like other children, it is seen that children with poor nutrition do not know develop Neural networks are enough to learn and in the future they are people with less chance of getting out of poverty and the cycle of malnutrition and poverty continues.

Project for the sustainable reduction of anemia and chronic childhood malnutrition

Aware of how important it is to receive a good diet during the first stage of life, we have opted for projects that can provide adequate growth and development conditions for the children of our communities. In this context, the project "Improvement of capacities for the sustainable reduction of anemia and chronic child malnutrition in the 8 localities of the district of La Arena, Piura" arises, which is developed under three approaches: nutrition and health, agronomy and livestock . Aiming to reduce the prevalence of chronic malnutrition and childhood anemia. Directly benefiting women of childbearing age, pregnant women and children under 5 years of age located in 8 locations in the District: Alto de los Mores, Casagrande, Las Malvinas, Chatito, La Arena, Monte Grande, Rio Viejo and Loma Negra.

Uso de los Fondos

10 greenhouses will be built for Bio gardens that will be made up of 24 families each, benefiting 240 families. (The entire village)
The construction will be carried out by the villagers, the funds will not pay salaries, they will be used directly to buy organic fertilizer, quality seeds of 7 different vegetables (radish, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, veterraga, carrot, tomato) and some vegetable stew seeds (Castile bean and Cowpea). will build a concrete structure on the foundations to support the wood and tube architecture for the greenhouse. Other supplies will be purchased to cover the roof of the place.
The construction will be carried out by the villagers
$ 15 in seed per family (3,600)
$ 6,000 to build 10 greenhouses.(16,000)
$ 400 subscription purchase.