Horses who help! Your donation will allow us to offer hippo-therapy to kids!

Horses who help! Your donation will allow us to offer hippo-therapy to kids!

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Acerca de FUNDAE . Fundación para el Desarrollo de Actividades Ecuestres

somos una organización sin fines de lucro que se dedica ala rehabilitación e inclusión de personas con y sin discapacidad

Sobre esta campaña

Your help is essential so that we can serve over 100 children from our programs FOR CHILDREN IN CONTEXTS OF VULNERABILITY OR FRAGILE CHILDREN

Our Prevention Programs support children, youth and vulnerable families so that they can improve their conditions of life, develop parenting skills that allow them to care best of their children and avoid a worsening of the situations of risk that may lead to family separation of parents and children.

We act with transparency and are committed to quality and good governance, both in management and in the services we offer.

Uso de los Fondos

Prevention Programs

Family Strengthening
They are programs framed within the scope of prevention and family strengthening aimed at working with children, young people and families in situations of risk, exclusion or social vulnerability, offering them an adequate socio-educational, therapeutic or comprehensive intervention, promoting strategies that enable an improvement in their personal, family and social well-being.Nature and Sustainability Program: We use the natural environment as a vehicle and tool for children, youth and families to achieve full and sustainable development and integration within society, thus making them in proactive actors of social change. Environmental education and care for the natural environment are present in all our programs.

Nature and Sustainability brings together all the interventions related to the sensitization and awareness of children and adults about caring for the environment, promoting in a special way the Sustainable Development Goals. Among them are animal-assisted activities, horticulture and sustainable gardening.