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Campaign by  Eco-Agric Uganda, Kampala, Uganda
$8,946.5 (125 donors)
Goal is $7,560
118 Complete (success)

About this campaign

During the pandemic, Uganda was put under lock down, where people stopped working and moving. In this period, women heading households of 6-8 children used their small savings to buy food. These savings were not enough that even the initial capital for small scale businesses was used up. The women had to contact local food suppliers from where they got food (posho and beans on credit).
This has left women with no initial capital and where to start from, though they have children to take back to school and homes to support.

From July 2020 to October 2020, $3,262.5 were raised by 56 generous donors.

32 women benefited getting $1582. They received between $27 and $136. They started working.

32 girls benefited $974.45. They pay variable school fees from $15 to $75 per term. Management fee for Giving Way is $281.05.

Currently 17 girls are going back to school as they are candidates and we have spent $900. Leaving us with 474.45

I (Josephine Nakakande) humbly request you to support girls stay in school for one year in 2021.

Use of Proceeds

Use of donations:

For one term which is October 2020-December 2020, the 42 girls need= $1890X 3 terms = $5670

42 children X $15 = $1890 is for one term in 2020 which was remaining.

We are requesting for your generosity to support the girls stay in school for three terms, that in the year of 2021. The three terms run from January to March (First term), May to August (second term) and October to December (third term).

Therefore, we need, $1890 +$5670 = $7560

Thank you so much for your help.