Printing Dreams

Printing Dreams

Campaign by Fundación Prótesis 3D - Viña del Mar, Chile
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About this Campaign

Fundación Prótesis 3D (3D prosthetic Foundation), improves life quality and social inclusion of people with disabilities, through the donation of prosthetic hands and arms made with 3D printers, plus the rehabilitation and follow-up support. These prosthetics are personalized, even with unicorns or superheroes themes for children, to empower them and give them the extra confidence they need to go out and be themselves.
In partnership with governmental and non-governmental entities, we developed a social innovation project in which, after some technical training, young convicts private of freedom from the national service of minors (SENAME) participate in the manufacturing process by 3D printing parts of the prosthetics, allowing us to bring technology and the opportunity to helping others to their lives. These process generates a bond between them and the beneficiaries that changes their perspective of life, themselves and their future, impacting their behavior for better.

Statistics state that 2 out of 3 people who end up in prison as an adult, were in the national service of minors. So, that’s why this program is so important. They learn soft and hard skills, improve their behavior, want to help others, and the ones that have to participate in this program, reduced their sentence. Even one of them is now in freedom, he is working in a university and was elected as one of the 100 young leaders of Chile in 2020 which makes us incredibly proud.

To put this in perspective, in Chile 15.000 people with disabilities need prosthetics hands and arms, 90% of them don’t have access to a prosthetic and the 50% are in poverty situation. The Chilean government gives 7 prosthetic hands per year. Yes, just 7! Also, the traditional prosthetics are heavy, not very functional, far from being personalized, and, by what we have being told by our beneficiaries, simply horrible. That’s why our prosthetics are colorful and personalized to promote self-esteem and social inclusion.

Use of Funds

We are seeking amazing supporters to help us continue serving our incredible mission, to empower people, and promote social inclusion.
We are going to use this fund to keep empowering people with disabilities and young convicts in the prison system, by printing prosthetics, giving rehabilitation, technical training, and promoting social inclusion in Chile.

These goals will be reached through two branches: evaluating the needs of 20 beneficiaries, designing and personalizing each prosthetic, printing “the dream” as they call it, giving rehabilitation sessions and follow up support, which also impacts their families; and by giving technical training in the 3D printing process for 10 young convicts.

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