Help provide environment friendly Solar Lanterns to small scale farmers

Help provide environment friendly Solar Lanterns to small scale farmers

Campaign by Pyunli - Gauchar, India
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About Pyunli

Pyunli was registered in Nov. 2015 (Reg. No-21/2015-2016. We work in the small town of Uttarakhand named Gauchar, about 5 hrs drive from Rishikesh. We believe in the process of social change through child education and women empowerment, and promoting volunteerism to build an international network.

About this Campaign

This project is about to provide environment friendly Solar Lanterns to small scale farmers in a village of Gauchar in India. Main economy of the village is agriculture where mostly women works in the rice and wheat fields round the year. While the farmers are proud to work in the farms to grow their own food, still there are few things which make farming challenging. Irrigation (watering the crops) before & after seeding process is one of the biggest challenges the farmers faces. The reasons to provide solar lanterns to farmers are the difficulties they face during the farm activities at night or early hours of the morning when it is still dark. Mainly irrigation process is held at night after finishing the daily household chores as it is time consuming. They go to the water stream during night and then start diverting the water into the small canals which are made for irrigation purposes to the fields. This hard core irrigation work sometimes takes 4-5 nights to finish all the fields. The main problem is they are totally depending on the light from their small mobile phones which usually get switched off in 2-3 hrs. Once the phone gets switched off, they are sitting in the dark or moonlight and waiting the fields to get filled with water. With this project, we want to help the farmers of the village by providing them solar lights, so that they can even work at night without any darkness around. HAPPINESS IS GROWING OUR OWN FOOD 

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to buy Solar Lanterns. The cost of 01 Solar Lantern is approx. USD 10-12. We intend to provide Solar Lanterns to a village of 80 families. We are completely volunteer based Organisation and your contribution matters a lot to us. A big thank you to everyone...Namaste

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