Donate to Protect and Conserve Shea Trees

Donate to Protect and Conserve Shea Trees

Campaign by Okere City - Otuke, Uganda
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About this Campaign

For centuries, Shea trees and life in Okere have been inseparable. Shea trees in Okere grew and continues to grow naturally. Whether it’s for protecting and conserving the environment; or providing a source of rich nutritional supplements; ointment for beautification and skin protection; oils for cultural rituals, or wood for housing construction, etc., Shea trees and their butter product form a quintessential facet of the day-to-today reality in the Shea belt sub-region.

Unfortunately, the sub-region got embroiled in a prolonged conflict mounted by both the Karamojong warriors and the LRA insurgency that lasted for over 3 decades. During this period, Shea trees became an immediate target for illegal charcoal burning. The problem was further compounded in the aftermath of the war when communities who had been displaced during the war returned. Many resorted to cutting for charcoal for quick yet unsustainable economic gains. To date, illegal Shea trees cutting continues unabated despite the existence of a local government ordinance against it. Other threats to Shea trees in Otuke include illegal bush fires and expansion of agricultural land. Resultantly, more than half of the Shea trees that once covered and breathed life into the region have been depleted. If Shea's re-afforestation efforts are not introduced and expanded, extinction abounds.

Use of Funds

The funding will assist in setting up Shea nursery bed of 200,000 seedlings output per year for communities so, the propagation is domesticated for increased conservation and carbon reduction. Here's an impression of how your donation could be used;
$10: to buy 100 poly bags
$30: to buy 5 watering cans
$50: to pay for a radio talk show to create awareness
$70: to buy 100 KGs of fresh seedlings for planting
$100: to a roll of barbed wire for fencing the nursery bed

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