Support Ukraine to attend the Cerebral Palsy Football World Cup

Support Ukraine to attend the Cerebral Palsy Football World Cup

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About this Campaign

*Amended goal - Please see below*
The International Federation of CP Football is calling upon our supporters to help raise the funds necessary for the Ukraine National CP Football Team to attend the 2022 World Cup in Barcelona later this month. Only three weeks away, the competition will take place from 26th April to 16th May 2022.

Winners of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and 2017 IFCPF World Championships, currently second in the IFCPF World Rankings, Ukraine are one of the top Cerebral Palsy Football teams in the World and deserve to compete at the 2022 IFCPF World Cup in Salou, Barcelona.

Due to the devastating conflict situation in Ukraine, all their funding has been directed to supporting their defences and humanitarian efforts to support innocent civilians.

The Ukraine Paralympic Committee have confirmed that they are able to bring together a team to represent Ukraine in the 2022 IFCPF World Cup, but they need your support.

Now more than ever, demonstrating that Ukraine has the world's support will send a strong message of resilience and unity to their entire nation. Football brings people together from all around the world and is a powerful platform through which to promote peace.

Making donations
In 2018 at the UEFA Champions League Final Fan Festival in Kyiv, we witnessed the inspiration, hope and determination the Ukrainian CP Football Team brings to the people of Ukraine, and most importantly children with disabilities.

Football may be regarded as just a game, but these players were heroes long before the conflict began, and you can be the support they need to continue to inspire their nation’s determination and resilience to succeed.

*Please note that the goal has been amended from 70,000 USD to 63,500 USD after receiving a direct donation*

Use of Funds

All donations are hugely appreciated and will help in achieving our fundraising target.

Donations can be made through thiscampaign on Giving Way

Larger donations can be made via bank transfer directly to IFCPF. Please contact us directly for the necessary details.

- Around $50,000 / €45,000 will cover the accommodation, meals and participation in the World Cup event.

- Around $8,800 / €8,000 will cover 5 additional nights for the team arrive early to prepare and have some training sessions.

- Around $11,000 / €10,000 will cover the flights for the entire Ukraine delegation to travel between Poland and Barcelona.

- Any additional funds raised will be donated to the Ukraine Paralympic Committee to support their athletes, staff, volunteers and families.

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