Help the Elephants and Farmers of Mikumi National Park

Help the Elephants and Farmers of Mikumi National Park

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About Environmental Conservation for Wildlife and Community Enterprise (Ecowice)

We are charity for Wildlife conservation based in Tanzania.

About this Campaign

Hello animal friends!

We want to help the elephants who live near the community of Mikumi National Park, since they are currently eating the farmers' crops. Sadly, this situation is making people want to hunt the elephants.

For this reason, we want to be able to buy seeds and make organic and natural pesticides that elephants don't like so that we can keep them safe from those who want to hunt them down.

In addition to this, we will be able to help the local community to keep their crops intact.

This will be beneficial both to the elephants and farmers of the region. It is a win and win situation!

Use of Funds

Your donation will help us buy seeds, making organic pesticides, sprayers, and tree seedlings:

$ 10 for organic pesticide;
$ 10 for seeds;
$ 5 for planting 5 trees and;
$ 5 for spraying cans.

A total of $1800 will help 60 farmers to grow sesame and save the elephants.

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