A Gift of Hope

A Gift of Hope

Campaign by Kyusa - Kampala, Uganda
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Goal is $35,000
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About this Campaign

Uganda is one of the youngest countries in the world and unfortunately hundreds of Ugandan youth drop out of the formal education system every year for one reason or another. Uganda has the highest school dropout rate in East Africa and as a young country, we grapple with high youth unemployment rates.

When youth drop out of school, not only do they lose the ability to accomplish their academic aspirations, they also tend to lose their sense of dignity and identity because of the stigma related to being a dropout in Uganda. The plight of school dropouts is unthinkable. Many resorts to gangs to find a sense of identity and security, girls end up with unwanted pregnancies and marriages while many have lost their lives through human trafficking scams in search of greener pastures.

The Kyusa intervention not only empowers youth to become financially independent through entrepreneurship, but we also restore hope and dignity to marginalized youth by enabling them to find expression through passion-driven entrepreneurship endeavours.

We each can point back to someone who paid it forward for us in one way or another. It could have been a mentor, a teacher, parent, guardian, or friend. The culture of paying it forward is what enabled many of us to come this far and as a result, we should aspire to pay it forward for another young person to keep this chain of love growing.

Use of Funds

Our goal is to support 500 youth to successfully start and grow their small businesses in 2021. This will include 100 youth with special needs, 100 already existing micro-businesses that will be supported to scale and 300 new small businesses that will be birthed. A total of 500 micro and small businesses will be supported which will collectively create at least 500 new jobs for marginalized youth.

The cost of supporting one youth to birth their business is $50 while the cost of supporting micro-businesses to scale is $100. Collectively we seek to raise $35,000 to enable us to accomplish this mission ($20,000 for 100 micro-businesses & 100 youth with special needs, $15,000 for new startup businesses).

By supporting the work that we do, you are paying it forward for a marginalized youth who would otherwise end up killed in political riots or through human trafficking or married off at a young age. Your donation gives hope to marginalized youth and enables them to live decent lives

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