How EcoReach has been able to reach and recruit skilled volunteers from around the world by joining the GivingWay platform

Joining GivingWay has allowed EcoReach to reach international volunteers at no cost.

Although EcoReach is a small, grassroots non-profit in Nepal, GivingWay has provided it with free resources and exposure that have effectively levelled the playing field. This has allowed EcoReach to raise awareness and reach skilled, international volunteers that, up until recently, could only be reached by international non-profits with significant funding.

GivingWay is the only online platform that has brought volunteers (onsite and remote) to EcoReach.
"Because GivingWay is free for both NGOs and volunteers, it has a wider reach, and its popularity is growing because of its ideology. We get skilled volunteers who are very serious about our cause."

They love GivingWay, because unlike the placement agencies who charge big money only for an administration process, GivingWay helps them to connect with a wonderful organization in a different part of the world for free.”

Niranjan Phuyal
Founder & Executive Director, EcoReach
GivingWay has helped us to grow, giving us free exposure to international volunteers.
We are excited to have been a part of this platform from the beginning!

GivingWay has provided us with wonderful volunteers from around the world.

Some of these volunteers have gone on to become advisors to EcoReach, helping us to become more efficient. The platform also lets us choose the right volunteers for our program by allowing us to view their (public) profile & activities on the platform. As a result, we’ve always had very good experiences with volunteers who applied via GivingWay.

Reviews help GivingWay users decide if EcoReach is a good fit for them

Since joining GivingWay in March 2017, EcoReach has hosted many skilled, serious volunteers onsite, and has received additional help from remote volunteers.

EcoReach’s online visibility and awareness have also grown, providing this local, grassroots organization with resources that were previously inaccessible.