Provide housing, clean water and skill training to homeless and children in Kilimanjaro region.

Provide housing, clean water and skill training to homeless and children in Kilimanjaro region.

Campaign by Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS - Moshi, Tanzania
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About this Campaign

While in Kilimanjaro Region millions of tourists are enjoying safaris and hiking the mountains, most of the 1.7 million population is struggling to survive. A negative consequence no one thinks about is that tourism is responsible for an exponential increase of rents and property owners charging huge sums in advance ranging from two to ten years. Therefore, a greater number who cannot afford the rent live in slums, sub-standard and overcrowded houses which lack sanitary conditions and have not even access to drinkable water.

It is in line with this Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS (YAAPHA) to assist families and homeless in need, by constructing and renovating decent and affordable houses at Kalimani Area, in Kaloleni Ward in Moshi Municipal District of Kilimanjaro Region, which fall within a radius of 2 kilometers from the center of Moshi town. Through this program, YAAPHA plans to empower families of low income levels to respond to their immediate needs for shelter and clean water while building local leadership and stimulating economic activities and livelihoods.

YAAPHA has two main objectives:

1. Housing:
Building or renovating many decent, affordable houses with sanitation facilities, especially for homeless and vulnerable children (street children).

2. Access to Water:
Development of a water infrastructure (installing pipes and tapes) through partnership with water providers and training in water facility management for water committees in our operational communities.

It is an accepted fact that lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilitates the root causes of hunger, disease and poverty. Each House will comprise of a living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room , toilet and shower.
YAAPHA will purchase all building materials while all selected homeowners participate in sweat equity activities (labor) for the construction of their own houses and that of others.

This project will have the following impacts:

1. Decent and affordable housing for homeless and needy families in Kalimani community:
Many homeless people will have decent homes to stay away from the overcrowding and to be homeless in Moshi town and Kalimani and can commute to work daily.

2. Family Health will improve:
Incidence of water-borne diseases (guinea worm, diarrhea, bilharzias, and burly ulcer etc.) will decrease by providing improved access to safe and potable water for over 15,000 people and providing hygiene education to the community of Kaloleni Ward. Women and children will spend less travel hours in search of water and therefore reserve more time and energy for other activities.

3. Training and skills to the Homeless and Children for one year.
YAAPHA will conduct training to 94 homeless people and 110 children on different skills like Tailoring, welding, soap making and carpentry and many more giving them the chance to employ themselves or get employed to earn income.

Use of Funds

1. Constructing of one affordable house for a family of six people - 6,000$
2. Renovation of one affordable house for a family of six people - 3,400$
3. Cost of Installation of water system, electricity supply and all other accessories - 1,400$
4. Training and skill development to homeless and children for one year - 1,934.50$

NOTE: Donors can fund the construction and renovation of many houses as they can.