Mubende, Uganda
Goal: $6,750
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About this project

HOCAM (Hope and Care Ministries) is a non-government organization working to Ensure that everyone at the under privileged level of society has access to basic needs of life and has been enabled to be productive, self reliant and self sufficient through: Education, Entrepreneurship and skills Training, Small business startups and Agriculture.

Kalonga is a rural sub county located in the heart of Uganda, 120KM West of Kampala. Residents are farmers who earn less than $1.50 per day. They are simply trying to survive the day, with no hope for the future. Children wander the streets, with no opportunity to attend school, thus repeating the cycle of poverty that has been going on here for generations.

Sarah, “aunt sends me men every day for sex, if I refuse aunt says I will not be able to go to school because she has no money and that she will chase me from home. Men have been using me for sex and they pay aunt money.
how much? Like $1 or less! but I cannot take it on any more”.

Sharon; “My father died from a car accident, he was crossing the road and a car hit him. He left us in a rental room, my mother has not yet gotten a permanent job, she works in people’s fields to earn day today food and she cannot afford school fees for the 3 of us”.

Many children in “Kalonga” go through different difficulties just like Sarah and Sharon.

HOCAM runs a primary school in “Kalonga” as part of the KALONGA TRANSFORMATION PROJECT”, The school charges minimal fees to facilitate the school staff and purchase the necessary school materials however the majority can’t afford.

For $135, you can sponsor a child at primary level.

Our goal is to have 50 children out of the hundreds that cannot afford school fees to join primary school in the year 2020 in the efforts to bring transformation to the community of Kalonga.

Your gift will;
Cover tuition, provide a daily single meal while at school, prove a school uniform and scholastic materials, cater for Medical among other needs for one full year.

Reduce illiteracy levels
Reduce Child Marriages and
Unwanted pregnancies
Reduce Criminal rates
Give hope to a child for a bright future

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds will be used to pay a child’s tuition, Purchase the necessary scholastic materials i.e books, pens and pencils, a school uniform, shoes, provide a daily meal (only at school).

Goal: $6,750
0 Complete (success)
Raised so far: $2 (0%) from 1 donors

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