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Engage your Employees and
Make a Real Impact in the World

Volunteering reimagined - expand your company’s traditional volunteering and transform it into a holistic experience, engaging all employees.

Join GivingWay's unique program, matching successful companies with nonprofits from developing countries. GivingWay offers you a fun, engaging volunteering plan like no other.

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Adopt a Nonprofit

Connect with nonprofits from developing countries that need your help most. Adopt a nonprofit of your choice based on your brand values and employees’ interest.

Bring the Team Together
through Online Volunteering

Unite teams around a common goal and give each employee the opportunity to show where they shine! With various volunteering options, each employee can make an impact based on their interests and skills.

Fundraise in Teams

Engage your employees with fun fundraising contests and leaderboards to track their success and bolster friendly competition.

Impact reports

Understand the true value of your program. Receive real time reports with measurable indicators that showcase your company's impact. Share your reports internally and externally.

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Find out how GivingWay can help you
engage your employees by doing good.

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