Kampala, Uganda, Africa.
We are a charity organization that empowers women, youths and children with knowledge and skills to overcome all forms of poverty
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will help buy school uniform for one school going child
Will help buy shoes, uniform and writing materials for one school going child.
will help support payment of school fees for one child for one complete term
Will help purchase 3 goats or sheep for three children as an income generation activity.
Will help one needy girl/woman complete one year vocational course on skills empowerment
Will help one youth or woman complete one year certificate or diploma course at tertiary level and also receive empowerment training on his or her rights.

Monthly Donation

You can cancel your monthly donation at any time.

Handling Fee

Each donation requires a handling fee to cover credit card processing fees and GivingWay's service fee.

Please Note

  • A receipt for your donation will be sent to you directly by KEEP ALIVE MISSIONARY MINISTRIES -UGANDA(KAMM-UGANDA). Please check on the status of such receipt directly with KEEP ALIVE MISSIONARY MINISTRIES -UGANDA(KAMM-UGANDA).
  • All inquiries regarding eligibility for tax benefits in connection with your donation are to be handled directly with KEEP ALIVE MISSIONARY MINISTRIES -UGANDA(KAMM-UGANDA). Please understand that GivingWay cannot provide any advice, input or opinions regarding tax benefits in any given jurisdiction and we recommend that you consult with the relevant authorities on all such matters.