Donate to Resurge Children East Africa

Kisumu, Kenya, Africa.
Resurge Children East Africa (RCEA) is a non-profit organisation that provides financial support to bright but needy students to enable them get secondary education. We are also focused on improving student learning and transition from primary to secondary education.
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By donating $30, you will help us provide a reusable sanitary kit for one girl to keep her in school and improve her learning outcome
By donating $35, you can help us provide essential school supplies for one child .
By donating $ 50, you can help 5 student attend Literacy Classes for three months
By donating $100, you can stock a reading center with supplies, including white boards, stickers, student boxes, printer ink, pencils, and paper
By donating $ 500, you can support Reading for Success in our two partner schools for a full school year

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Please Note

  • A receipt for your donation will be sent to you directly by Resurge Children East Africa. Please check on the status of such receipt directly with Resurge Children East Africa.
  • All inquiries regarding eligibility for tax benefits in connection with your donation are to be handled directly with Resurge Children East Africa. Please understand that GivingWay cannot provide any advice, input or opinions regarding tax benefits in any given jurisdiction and we recommend that you consult with the relevant authorities on all such matters.