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Valencia, Venezuela, South America.
SaRe is a social enterprise designed by young university students in the area of ​​health, who propose tangible solutions in the prevention of diseases from school age.
The pilot project started at the "María Teresa Coronel" Basic School, it consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1:
-Diagnosis in school health
-Training Training for Teachers

Phase 2:
-Rally SaRe and Dramatizations I Doctor

Phase 3:
-Evaluation of Impact SaRe
-Inauguration of the Preventive-Formative Unit in school health.
-Information Rack for parents and representatives.
All this in order to provide tools to reduce the incidence of diseases prevalent in the area with the application of appropriate preventive dynamics.
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You will help us to keep teaching kids about health prevention.
You will help us get material to keep functioning.
You will give Schools supplies to a Venezuelan child.
You will give one school uniform for a Venezuelan child.
You will help a public school to get first aid kit.
You will get teachers of a public school updated books.
You will help us to print health prevention handbooks to an entire school.
You will help us implement a week of activities to teach the kids of one school about health diseases prevention.
You will help us build a school infirmary.

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