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Chikwawa, Malawi, Africa.
This is a local Non-Governmental Organisation creating opportunities for lasting improvement in peoples’ lives. In Malawi we work in Chikwawa and Nsanje District Projects Summary: We are currently working in Chikwawa district implementing projects on Climate change, agriculture, Information Technology lessons, sports for peace and development, Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools and Making the Schools green . Our aim is to improve food security, economy, and entrepreneurship. Through this work, we hope to build a greater network among young people and their communities and impart skills which the youth will use for self-development. We are implementing the following projects: 1. Free Computer Lessons for Youth 2. One drop drip irrigation assessment 3. Backyard Gardening 4. Women Tailoring group 5. Sports for Peace, Development and Health Living 6. Climate Change and Making the schools green 7. Menstrual Hygiene Management We are looking for energetic volunteers who are impact oriented who are ready to join our local team in implementing these interventions. You will never regret being with us as we are a very charming group.
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You can support 10 girls to make a reusable sustainable menstrual pad
You can support a tree nursely for a months and support to save environment in Chididi
you can support monthly youth meeting
you can make us reach 10 youth clubs
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