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World Inspiring Network
World Inspiring Network (W.I.N) is a Ghanaian registered Nonprofit Organization that helps rural children to have access to quality education, trains and empowers the youth as well as women and also develop rural communities in Ghana. The organization was founded by Maxwell Odonkor in June 2016 with a small team and in 2019, Willow Faulkner joined as a Co-Founder in order to make a generational impact in the lives of people leaving in rural parts of Ghana and beyond. Over the past years, World Inspiring Network has impacted more than 500 lives by contributing towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The team consist of young and vibrant youth who are passionate about providing solutions to most of the challenges in rural areas in Ghana and beyond. We believe that together we can make a greater difference around the world where everyone has an equal opportunity to escape poverty.
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