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Whether it’s fundraising tools you’re interested in, converting visitors to donors on your website, recruiting remote or on-site volunteers or communicating easily with your network – we’ve got you covered!
Trusted by 5,500+ nonprofits across 130 Countries
Simple integration of a “Donate” button and popup donation window so your website visitors can easily support your organization without leaving your own site.
Tell your story with your words, images and videos through highly converting donation pages. Donation pages can be embedded in your own website as well as distributed stand-alone.
Prompt your donors to support specific projects that need funding. Customize your project pages with your target amount, project description and use of proceeds. Pages come complete with progress bars and donor lists.
The world has gone online and so has volunteering. From web work to content writing and from video editing to grant writing – enjoy digital services from skilled online volunteers.
Recruit, manage and communicate with on-site volunteers from initial application through acceptance and scheduling.
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GWPay™ – the ideal payment
solution for your nonprofit
Nonprofits on GivingWay enjoy GWPay™ - a robust payments gateway specially designed to provide secure, fast and reliable payment solutions to you and your donors.
Benefits of GWPay™
Start Immediately
Start receiving donations right away, no set up needed
Security & Anti-Fraud
Stripe and PayPal payment gateways to enhance security and anti-fraud transactions
Low Fees
Our processing fees and wire payout fees are significantly lower than most platforms
Payout Choices
Receive funds to your bank account or through PayPal, whichever you prefer
Many Payment Options
Many options for your donors including PayPal, credit cards & mobile payments
Fast Payments
You can receive payouts as fast and as often as you wish
Our Fees
The nonprofits we work with are not just customers – they’re our partners. Unlike most companies that charge monthly or annual fees for the services they provide, we know how important it is that your budget goes entirely to support your cause. That’s why all our products and services are provided entirely for free.
We only earn when you earn:
  • GivingWay’s service fee: 7%
  • Credit Card/PayPal processing fee: 3%
  • Payout fee: depends on your payout preference
Fees on GivingWay are clear and simple, no hidden costs or fine print!
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What nonprofits are saying about us
“Giving Way is an easy to understand and very effective platform and we have received many volunteers from all over the world. Giving Way is and will continue to be a great ally for our non-profit organization to achieve the social and conservation goals we have set for ourselves.”
John Garnica
Founder, Rainforest Awareness Rescue Education Center
“This platform has set a mark for finding quality volunteering opportunities throughout the world. GivingWay is a bright and bold light shining through!”
Peter Bundala
Founder, Youth in Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS
“Love the platform and the interface. Very intuitive and sleek!”
Samir Lakhani
Founder, Eco Soap Bank