June: Join a Group of Volunteers Headed to Costa Rica to Aid in Baby Turtle Conservation!

Ensuring the survival of endangered sea turtles and hatchlings

Costa Rica. Only 13 places left!
June 18 - June 25, 2018 (dates don’t suit you?)

Aid in sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica! Search for nesting adult female turtles during nocturnal beach patrols, help relocate the eggs to a safe hatchery, and more.

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Volunteering Activities

Animal Care
Eco Farming
Data Collection
Grounds Maintenance
Animal Rescue
Animal Rehabilitation


  • Volunteers sleep in beach cabins, each sleeping between 6 – 8 people in bunk beds
  • Our property includes shared bathroom facilities and cold water showers
  • Our research station is basic, and very remote, running on solar panels only
  • Bedding and mosquito nets are provided


  • We provide 3 meals a day, as well as tea and coffee
  • The diet in our station consists mainly of Costa Rican food and is mostly vegetarian
  • Meals typically consist of pasta, soups, rice, and beans (a Costa Rican staple), vegetables, salads, chickpeas and so forth

Typical Day

Volunteer work will alternate between nocturnal beach patrols to look for nesting adult female turtles, assisting the biologist in the collection of data from nesting turtles,  and the monitoring of eggs and nests in the hatchery, where volunteers are responsible for collecting data from the hatchlings before releasing them into the ocean

During the day, we will organize activities such as beach cleaning, recycling separation, and hatchery maintenance.

Here’s what a typical day looks like for our volunteers:

8 am: Breakfast is served

10 am: Daily meeting with all volunteers present 

10:30 am: Daytime work activities last for approximately 2 hours

12:30 pm: Lunch is served

13:30 - 15:00: Relaxation time

15:00: Work for approximately 2 more hours

Note: Volunteer that are assigned a night time hatchery monitoring shift do not attend the other daytime activities.

19:00: Night patrols start from 7pm, and depending on the tides will finish at approximately 3am. We generally try to have 3 or 4 patrols per night – depending on the amount of volunteers present. 

Volunteers work 6 days per week, with one day off.

Local Excursions and Sightseeing

It is possible to arrange wildlife spotting trips or canal tours whilst at the project, at an additional cost.


Support and emergency assistance: Our biologist is available 24/7 on site and has an emergency protocol to follow if needed. 

What's included in the fee?

3 Meals a Day
Pick Up/Drop Off

What's not included in the fee?

Our fee excludes:

  • Flights and travel costs to Costa Rica
  • Insurance:  Volunteers are responsible for purchasing travel and health insurance at their own cost. This is a pre-requisite to volunteering with Latin American Sea Turtles
  • Visa


  • Pickup: We will pick up the group members on June 25th from the “Gaudys Hostel” in Paseo Colon
  • Group members may consider staying the previous night at the hostel
    For direct bookings: www.backpackers.co.cr
  • Drop-off: We will drop you off on July 2nd at the “Gaudys Hostel” in Paseo Colon
  • The project is located on the remote Caribbean coast, South of the famous Tortuguero National Park. Access is by boat only
  • You will be working on a research project with international research assistants and a professional biologist

*Volunteers can pay the daily fees to LAST via PayPal, but there is a 5% commission fee


  • $51 per day to Latin American Sea Turtles
    100% of this fee is paid directly to the non-profit
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