Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in Ecuador

Volunteer in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

Mera, Ecuador. Only 6 places left!
December 10, 2018 - January 7, 2019 (dates don’t suit you?)

Merazonia is located on 250 acres of the Amazon rainforest, near Mera, Ecuador, South America. We combine a passion for nature with a professional approach on animal care and release, along with rainforest conservation and research. Volunteers help us in the day to day care of the wildlife.

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Volunteering Activities

Animal Care
Grounds Maintenance
Animal Rescue
Animal Rehabilitation


Most volunteers stay in our 6-sided jungle abode, which consists of a large dorm-style room, housing up to 11 volunteers. If available, there are also a few cabins but they are always offered first to long-term volunteers. There is also a large deck area where we usually eat our meals, relax in hammocks, or strike up a game of cards. Our bathroom facilities are next to the volunteer house and consist of composting toilets and our famously hot showers.


People make their own breakfast and lunch, but take turns in preparing the communal dinner.

Typical Day

Volunteers work 5 1/2 days per week, alternating free days. Sundays are so-called ‘lazy Sundays’ in which we feed the animals only once a day and do chores, but no other work is done, leaving plenty of time to relax or enjoy the surroundings.

Animal care is rewarding work but certainly not a picnic in the park. We feed the animals three times per day. The feeding rounds take between 2 to 3 hours each time. In the morning, we gather at 7:30 a.m. to prepare the animals’ food, and then we divide into groups to clean different animal cages and feed the animals.

After the feeding, we take time to prepare breakfast and get ready for the rest of the day. Some people will feed the parrots and nocturnal animals, while others are on projects such as animal life enrichment, general park maintenance, and chores.

Lunch is around 1:30 pm. We gather to feed the mammals again at 3 pm, after which there is time to hang out with other volunteers, enjoy the scenery, swim at the waterfall or river, or relax in a hammock.


We have an onsite, fully equipped animal clinic for emergencies, so we definitely have First-Aid onsite. There is an excellent, German-run hospital 15 minutes away from Mera. We can bring people to the hospital if needed.

What's included in the fee?

3 Meals a Day
First Aid
Hospital Transport

What's not included in the fee?

  • Plane tickets & transportation
  • Visa, if needed
  • Health insurance
  • Health check and immunizations


Volunteers generally make their own way to our reserve. But we can arrange for a private driver to pick people up if this is preferred.


  • $20 per day to Merazonia Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
    100% of this fee is paid directly to the non-profit
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