October: Help Develop a Permaculture Food Forest in the Yanesha Indigenous Community!

Volunteer in the Amazon with a group of people from all around the world

Oxapampa, Peru. Only 21 places left!
October 14 - November 4, 2018 (dates don’t suit you?)

We are a non-profit organization organizing service programs to connect young leaders from the Amazon with the western world.

Our mission is simple: to help those in need by participating in the sustainable development and conservation of the Peruvian rainforest and its populations, while providing a life-changing service-learning experience to volunteers. We want to deliver the tools so that our volunteers really understand the connections between our non-sustainable lifestyle and poverty, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity and climate change. We believe that our vision can and will be realized. We want to create a new generation of enlightened and mindful leaders that will change our society.

Your contact: Giorgio Piracci (Executive Director)
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Volunteering Activities

Eco Farming


Volunteers will stay in a local, cozy and comfortable family-managed guesthouse (owned by a Yanesha family who is part of the project).

The guesthouse is located in the community of Tsachopen, at a walking distance from the project/working site and 7 km away from the main town of Oxapampa.

Volunteers will share rooms with one other person (each room will have a private bathroom, shower, and hot water).

Electricity is available 24/7. Free wifi is available in the guest house and its garden.

There is a nice garden with a porch where you can have breakfast, dinner and relax!


We will provide 3 delicious and healthy meals per day.

Food will be a mix of Peruvian and local Yanesha traditional recipes with some "touch" of international cuisine. (There will be french fries and sometimes a hamburger so you will not miss it!!).

A special attention will be given to vegetarians/vegans and other food restriction diets. Food is prepared by local, trained community members under 7Elements Peru staff supervision.

Typical Day

Volunteers will participate in the development of a permaculture project (creating a food forest) in the Yanesha indigenous community of Tsachopen (Oxapampa).

Typical activities will be:

  • reforestation with native forestry species
  • planting and transplanting of coffee and other edible plants
  • earthworks
  • GIS site mapping
  • fencing, digging waterways and irrigation system
  • volunteers may also participate in other organic farming activities with the local indigenous farmers

Your typical day will look like:

7:00 am: Wakeup

8:00 am: Breakfast

8:45 am: Morning briefing 

9:15 am: Work at project site

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 to 3:00 pm: relax/free time in the community

3:00 to 5:00 pm: work at the project site

5:00 to 7:00 pm: relax/free time in the community

7:00 pm: Dinner 

8:00 pm: Night circle/reflection time/day debrief

9:00 pm: Depending on the weekly schedule: movie night, games, free time

Your typical week will look like:

Morning: daily routine/community work

Afternoon: daily routine/community work

ight: night circle + one-night activity such as movie night, games, a talent show with the community members, free time

Saturday: free time to be spent in Oxapampa or in the community; Saturday night in Oxapampa

Sunday: Visit to Yanachaga-Chemillin National park (hike) or to other local amenities (Leon waterfalls, Shollett natural reserve, Tunchi Cuevas, fishing, etc)

Local Excursions and Sightseeing

Our project site is a Yanesha indigenous community located in the Oxapampa-Ashaninka-Yanesha Biosphere Reserve and in the buffer zone of the Yanachaga-Chemillin National park, a hot spot for biodiversity in the Peruvian could forest.


  • Entrance and a hike in the Yanachaga-Chemillin National Park (San Alberto sector)
  • Free training on permaculture and a visit to the Medicinal plant garden of Tsachopen to learn about the use of plant medicines

Volunteers will enjoy the ancient and rich Yanesha culture and will have the possibility to immerse in this unique tradition participating in its conservation and sustainable development; project site is close to the Sanctuary of Yompor Yompere (the most sacred place for Yanesha people) and to the german colonial town of Pozuzo (that can be visited during a week end -not included in the program fee); traditional fishing could be practiced with local Yanesha people in local rivers; a visit to the local the local town of Oxapampa is also perfect for free time and to enjoy typical local products such as local cheese, locally brewed beer, honey, cocoa and coffee, german cakes, and the well known, delicious "Oxapampina" grilled meat.


7Elements Peru staff is trained, certified and qualified to manage any kind of medical/non-medical emergency situation. Our staff is professional Wilderness First Responders (certified by Wilderness Medical Associates-USA) or Wilderness First Aid certified.

Oxapampa (7km away) has both a public hospital and a private clinic. Free transportation and support will be provided in case of an emergency or medical issue. A professional emergency/first aid bag is available 24/7 on the work site. 

What's included in the fee?

3 Meals a Day
Local Excursions
Pick Up/Drop Off
Community Events
First Aid
Hospital Transport

What's not included in the fee?

The following is not included in the fee:

  • Flights
  • Insurance: participants are encouraged to consult a travel clinic and/or their personal physician to discuss recommended immunizations for Peru
  • Visa, if needed


  • Pickup: Volunteers will be picked up at Oxapampa Bus Station at their arrival on the morning of October 14th. Transportation from Lima is not included in the fee. Volunteers may travel by BUS (about 25USD); we can coordinate or arrange the bus tickets for volunteers; if needed we can also coordinate a taxi (not included) from airport to bus station in Lima. We can arrange a comfortable, safe, clean hotel in the Lima center, for volunteers planning to spend some day in Lima before leaving for Oxapampa.
  • Dropoff: The group will be dropped off at the Oxapampa Bus Station on November 4th in the late afternoon in time to pick the night bus for Lima (about 25USD, not included); we can coordinate or arrange the bus tickets for volunteers; if needed we can also coordinate a taxi (not included) from Lima bus station to Lima Int. Airport or Lima center. We can arrange a comfortable, safe, clean hotel in the Lima center, for volunteers planning to spend some extra day in Lima.


  • $35 per day to 7Elements Peru
    100% of this fee is paid directly to the non-profit
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