July: Join a Group of Volunteers to help make a Ugandan Community Self-Sustainable

Help construct sustainable projects for the local communities

Masaksa, Uganda. Only 15 places left!
July 1 - July 15, 2018 (dates don’t suit you?)

RIDO (Rural Integrated Development Organization) is a Non-Profit Community-Based Organization located in the Masaka District of Uganda. Established in 2007 to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention to the grassroots communities, RIDO expanded its activities to tackling environmental issues working hand in hand with local communities of Masaka.

In partnership with these communities, our current efforts are in addressing a variety of development issues they have identified. Their most pressing issues are poor health, environmental conservation, lack of skills for development and poverty. Together with the communities some of the projects we are working on are the construction of underground water tanks, energy saving stoves, vegetable gardens, tree planting and skills development.

RIDO aims to improve the livelihood status of the rural-based people of Kyesiiga and other communities in Masaka while working with women and youth and giving support to the most vulnerable in the community.

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Volunteering Activities

Eco Farming
Grounds Maintenance
Water Conservation


The volunteers will sleep in homestays. They will be placed in groups of two in one home, generally sharing a bedroom. In some cases, a volunteer could be placed alone in a room. The room will be able to be locked for the volunteer's comfort. 

Our homestays are with a family. The houses are built with brick walls and an iron sheet roof with ceiling boards. Most of the houses have electricity and indoor plumbing. The volunteer will have their own private shower and toilet.

We will send the volunteer information about their Host Family before they arrive.


The homestay provides 3 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Breakfast is composed of tea, porridge, eggs, bread, and fruit. Most families in Uganda don’t drink coffee but it can be provided on request. 

Lunch like dinner includes fruits, beef/peanut/bean sauce for protein, vegetables like spinach,  and some millet or maize bread, yam, matooke(cooked bananas), rice or sweet/irish potatoes.  We request that we are informed if there are participants who are vegetarian or those who have allergies to certain foods or have any food conditions. 

In cases when we are out on the field during lunch hour, RIDO provides lunch, which includes fruit and mineral water. There will be a few times where group dinners will be organized which means the volunteers will not have dinner at the homestay, but rather with the volunteers.

Typical Day

    These are the main volunteering activities: 

    • Construction of water tanks, energy stoves, kitchens
    • Tree planting
    • Agricultural work
    • Soil prepping, digging and more

    Here's how your typical day would look: 

    7 am to 8 am: Breakfast and drive to the location of the project for the morning

    9 am to 1:30 pm (includes break): Volunteering work

    1:30 pm to 2:30 pm: Lunch

    2:30 pm: Drive to a different location for another project

    3 pm - 5 pm: Volunteering Work

    5 pm: Drive back home 

    *Evening Activities can be arranged

    **Volunteers have the weekends off

    Local Excursions and Sightseeing

    There are many possibilities of places to visit within our reach from Masaka that we may choose from, but please note they may cost extra. Options include:

    • A visit to where Bark Cloth is made. This is a cultural experience where a large piece of cloth is made from the bark of a small tree
    • Nabugabo Beach in which there is a boat ride, Natural Forest, small hikes or you just to sit at the beach
    • Lake Mburo National Park
    • Alternative medicine traditional healer

    These following excursions will be free of charge: 

    • The Equator to experience the difference between the North and Southern Hemispheres
    • Nabugabo Holiday Centre

    There is a pool within Masaka for those interested. 

    In cases that the host family has an activity like a wedding or a visit to siblings in a boarding school, volunteers usually like to participate. 


    We have RIDO staff on standby to help in emergency situations and will be able to drive volunteers to the nearest hospital. During our orientation, we will have a Doctor who will be able to address any health concerns. This Doctor will be available 24/7 during the program stay. We have access to a day outpatient clinic and a 24-hour inpatient clinic. 

    What's included in the fee?

    3 Meals a Day
    Local Excursions

    What's not included in the fee?

    The following is not included in the fee:

    • Flights
    • Insurance: All students must carry a comprehensive medical insurance policy; in addition, participants are encouraged to consult a travel clinic and/or their personal physician to discuss recommended immunizations for Uganda
    • Visa


    • Pickup: July 1, at 9 am, from Victoria Mall Berkeley Road, Entebbe 
    • Dropoff: July 15 at 2 pm, to Airport Guest House Mugula Road, Entebbe
    • Cost is an additional $30 per person for pickup and dropoff


    • $35 per day to RIDO
      100% of this fee is paid directly to the non-profit
    Why am I paying to volunteer?