How To

Find your Next Volunteering
Opportunity in Four Simple Steps:

Start Your Search

Choose whether you want to volunteer online or while traveling abroad, and then narrow down your options by using relevant filters like regions and activities. Don’t worry though – you can switch from one to the other at any point!

Browse nonprofits that meet your preferences

Check out their causes and activities, what types of volunteers and support they need, whether they have reviews from past volunteers and what fees (if any) they charge from volunteers that come over.

Apply to nonprofits that interest you

Hit the “Apply” button to start the application process with nonprofits that interest you; this process may differ from one nonprofit to another since each nonprofit sets its own terms such as the information required from volunteers and whether a handling fee is charged per application.

Finalize things!

Once your application has been approved by the nonprofit it’s time to get moving: online volunteers can start working on the tasks agreed with the nonprofit, and volunteers traveling abroad need to pay the nonprofit (if it charges a fee) to secure their place.

Let’s get started!