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Volunteer in Human Rights Work

Volunteer in Human Rights Work

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Human Rights Work - Featured Volunteering Non-Profits

Casey Foundation

The Casey Foundation was founded in 2020. We are a not-for-profit organization that advocates for protecting and safeguarding female adolescents against child marriages and teenage pregnancies. We believe that ending child marriage and adolescent pregnancies will remove a significant barrier to global progress and ensure a world where girls look forward to their future. We aim to build a lot in which all girls have the opportunity to reach significant heights.

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New Chapter Development for Youth

We are empowering vulnerable children, Youth, women and people with disabilities.

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Redemption International For The Blind

We are a charity working to advance the educational needs & the general well-being of the blind especially reducing published textbooks into accessible formats for the Blind, including braille, audio and electronic, working to reduce or end this global book famine currently inhibiting Blind Literacy world wide. Be part of our success story.

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