Volunteer with Joyland Prime Academy

Joyland Prime Academy

Mombasa, Kenya, Africa
Our purpose is tending the needs to alleviate the suffering of school children by building more classrooms, buying/acquiring more computers, buying/acquiring books, improving hygiene and school supplies


We have volunteer/intern work in school. To volunteer/intern, choose from the list below
​1) Fundraising: Volunteer/intern project manager
2) Children Project DAOB: Volunteer/intern project manager.
3) Education/Teaching: Volunteer/intern project assistant
4) Social worker: Volunteer/intern project manager
5) Photography: Volunteer/intern project manager
6) Public Health/Medical: Volunteer/intern project manager
7) Painters/decorator: Volunteer/intern project manager
8) Building/Construction: Volunteer/intern project
9) Furniture making and repairs Volunteer/intern project manager

Applications are open year round.

3 days


The school provides free accommodation, free place to stay and free place to live for the entire period of your stay in a host family.

We advise volunteer/intern to assist host family with $ 300 per month to enable it provide you with 3 meals daily for 30 days

We do not charge voluntary services.
We advise volunteer/intern to assist host family with $ 300 per month to enable it provide you with 3 meals per day


Our 6 projects are:

1. Advancing Education (ASE)
The goal of the project is to build more 7 spacious clean classrooms in school. The school lacks funds to build classrooms. The project will promote learning moral and performance through eliminating injuries, wounds, breathing complications, a lot of sweating, school drop out, absenteeism, loss of teaching staff, coughs, eye diseases, and negative feeling about quality of hygiene in school

2.Furniture for Comfortable Learning (FCL)
The goal of the project is to buy 98 students desks, 15 staff classroom chairs, 3 book cases and 4 staff tables in school. Some students use their thighs as desks while teachers mark exercises while standing up. The project will eliminate severe tiredness, backaches, neck aches, body paining, loss of staff, uncomfortable leaning, paralyzed legs, absenteeism and school drop out through provision of furniture

3.Advancing English grammar, Reading and Writing Skills (AERWS)
The goal of the project is to acquire 500 story books, 400 curriculum books, 30 English-Swahili dictionaries, 8 atlases, 30 English dictionaries, 20 christian bibles, 20 Islamic Qurans, 3000 note books, 100 wall charts, 100 boxes of crayons at school. The school lacks school supplies and funds to buy them. The project will improve spoken English, English vocabulary, reading skills, understanding skills, writing skills, uplift performance, uplift learning moral and prevent school drop out. To make these materials safe and clean school needs to build a small library.

4.Granting Opportunity Through Technology (GOTT)
The goal of the project is to buy or acquire 30 donated desktop/laptop computers to develop IT room and install internet at Joyland. The school has 2 computers to be used by over 300 students and we lack funds to buy more. The computers will help students develop computer skills, exchange of learning experiences/skills/knowledge and make external friends through IT lessons in school, online lessons/intranet, Skype with friendly schools and writing emails.

5.Water For Life (WFL)
The goal of the project is to build 1 cistern tank to harvest rain water. The school children lack fresh water to drink the whole day. The project will promote learning, retain children in school and good health through provision of fresh water for drinking

6:Lifting Girls Hygiene (LGH)
The goal of the project is to buy or acquire 400 donated girls sanitary materials. The project will help promote girls self worth, expression, honor, presence in school, respect and freedom at all times.None of school girls have sanitary materials to use.

Up to 5 people


86713, Mombasa, Kenya.

It is very easy to get a visa to Kenya.
Mr. Jonathan Munyany will help you.

Materials you may bring
=used/new laptop/desktop computers, balls, skipping ropes, camera, chalk,
Funds you may bring
=at least $ 8
Everything is optional

What are you waiting for?

We at Joyland Prime Academy would love to hear from you!