123 swachh politics

gurazala, India, South Asia
we are trying to make change in indian politics.we want clean politics to achieve clean society.we fight against dirty,dangerous and corrupted politics.we are conducting motivation programs to change the peoples mindset.
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near sub rigistrar office,karapoodi road, palnadu tv office, gurazala post, guntur district.andhra pradesh, india, gurazala, India.

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now a days indian politics are travelling with purely corruption , faction and illegal activities.youth do not interested take a part in politics.they all are feeling politics is a dangerous and waste subject.we motivating youth to clean politics and get in politics.we are conducting campaigns in towns and villages and motivated public to vote clean politicians and do not take money for vote from any political party.we are targeting 2019 elections in india, especially andhra pradesh and telangana states.