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Hope Link Child

Kisumu, Kenya, Africa
Our mission is to increase the well being of children, women, widows, widowers, men and youths who are disadvantage due to economic, social, and cultural differences in the society. We hope to create a healthy, transformed and interactive community.


We are looking for volunteers to help in the following fields:

Volunteers interested in children and working with the community;
Those interested in social development;
Those skilled in arts, computer, web design, photography;
We look for those interested in campaigns, i.e. advocacy on human rights, gender based violence, women empowerment programs, youth project and old age and destitute persons;
We invite those interested in organic, perma-culture designs and animal husbandry;
We also invite institutions to attach their students for internship as student volunteers to provide experimental learning to cross-cultural volunteers, of which by the end they will develop concept paper on the progamme they were working on.
We also need volunteers to help us in raising funds if possible after the visit or before depending on the time and willingness and awareness campaigns

The volunteer work will include teaching , farm help ,help in organizing work and resource mobilization , playing with kids and home visit program.

Anytime between January and December.

We have short and long term volunteer programs. The short term from two weeks to one month, the long term from two months to one year (extension applicable), depending on the projects' needs and volunteer agreement.


We can provide our guest house for accommodation- write us regarding this.

There are no volunteer fees.


The organization was established in 2007 as a grass root community based organization that works to empower the community members.

Our priorities areas are on education, health and food security for sustainable development.

Our goal is to reduce poverty, control disease, and create employment within the community.

Our projects include: health and education to the young and training workshops and seminars to equip the community with adequate knowledge on development needs in order to teach them modern farming practices as a way to alleviate poverty.

Up to 5 people

P.O box137-40305 mbita kenya, Kisumu, Kenya.

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