Volunteer with Huanchaco Al Rescate

Huanchaco Al Rescate

Huanchaco, Peru, South America
We are an animal welfare organization running a shelter for over 32 rescued street dogs, and providing local canine health campaigns.


We are a small organization, and volunteers are always needed to help with all aspects of running the shelter and our events.

We need help with:
- Caring for the dogs, feeding, walking and cleaning and socializing with them
- Organising and running fundraising events
- Construction and maintenance of the shelter
- Veterinary care (vet students are very welcome)
- Managing our online activities and outreach

All year round

We cannot provide accommodation directly, but we have close links with some of the most popular hostels in town who will offer a discount to all volunteers.

We don't ask for any volunteering fees. As long as you can cover your own accommodation and meal costs, you're welcome here.


Huanchaco Al Rescate is a Peruvian nonprofit organization with 10 years of rescuing dogs under its belt.

Since 2008, Huanchaco Al Rescate has been fighting to promote respect for the lives of street dogs in our lovely beach town of Huanchaco, Peru.

We rescue street dogs in need of medical attention, treat their illnesses, and care for them in our shelter. Once rehabilitated, we seek adoptive homes for them, and have rehomed dozens of former street dogs. We also run education and canine health campaigns, such as deworming and neutering drives, in the local community.

Up to 5 people

Playa Huancarute, Huanchaco, Peru.


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